Kneaded Health
Massage & Wellness LLC
704 Sand Lake Rd, 2nd Fl.
Onalaska, WI 54650
(608) 790-1880


“Massages are medicine to me and sometimes I am fortunate to meet a massage therapist who understands the healing power of their profession. This was true during my first experience with Kneaded Health Massage.   I traveled on business to La Crosse and filled out a health questionnaire beforehand. And Kris read it—and took direction from the story I had shared with him to customize my treatment plan. I was amazed at the care he took in listening to me and maximizing my comfort level.  I felt heard. I felt so relaxed during treatment and stronger afterwards. And my experience was wonderful. I will definitely make another appointment when I visit La Crosse WI again.

 If I lived locally, I would have regular appointments set just as important to me as my doctor visits.  So good for my overall health and wellness.”


“Kris at Kneaded Health is by definition a massage therapist extraordinaire. He has provided years of therapy for my triathlon training, running training, prenatal care, and migraine prevention and care. Over the years, I have received gift cards to go to a salon from well meaning family  members for a ‘fluff and buff’ massage however, I have not found another massage therapist that has provided the caliber of care that Kris can provide. An appointment with Kris is a mandatory event on my calendar. Due to his vast experience in massage therapy, I am able to manage my 65 hour work week and five member household pain and migraine free.”



“As a chronic migraineur, I have numerous tools in my toolkit to keep me well and functional as possible. Regular massage is one of my top drawer tools, and there’s no one I trust more with my massage therapy than Kris–he is a wonderful combination of mechanic and healer. I also truly appreciate that he shares realistic expectations for what we can accomplish together. Wellness in Kris’ space is a team effort, as it should be!”



“I have been going to Kneaded Health Massage & Wellness and receiving weekly massage from Kris for about a year. I drive about 1000 miles a week for work, have Lyme Disease, suffer from migraines, had several surgeries and been abused. Kris has used many healing techniques like CranioSacral Therapy, Reiki and I am sure many others I don’t even know about! Kris has gotten me from barely functional to very functional. It’s amazing how good I feel! I consider Kris a true HEALER and will continue to see him to keep me feeling my best. Thank you Kris!”